I have no idea how you found my little corner of the internet, but I’m glad you’re here.  You might be asking yourself a few questions at this point, but I imagine foremost among them is: What is Wayco?

That is an excellent question, reader!  Having such educated readers like you, that ask such poignant questions is what will make blogging so fulfilling.

I think your question is best answered with a story.  Close your eyes and imagine… oh, wait.  Asking someone who is reading to close their eyes, is a terrible idea.

My apologies.  Open your eyes.

Well, I guess if you actually closed your eyes when I asked you to, you haven’t read anything after that, which means you didn’t read “Open your eyes,” and you aren’t reading this either.  This feels like a rookie blogging mistake.

smithville water tower

Well, hopefully at some point you got bored sitting there with your eyes closed, opened them, and made it to this point.

For those of you that have hung with me this far, allow me to jump to the point and share what Wayco means to me.  Wayco really has two meanings.

First, Wayco is where I grew up.  I count myself blessed to have grown up in Wayne County, Ohio.  Not just because of the rolling hills of corn and soybeans.  Not just because of the small businesses that pride themselves on quality and customer service.  The main reason I feel blessed to have grown up here, and now raise my family here, is because of the people.  There is something different about people who live a small town life.  Prime example: When I’m driving and I pass someone walking, mowing their yard, checking the mail, or front porch sitting… I wave.

orrville downtown

This fascinates my three-year-old.  “Dada, who was that?”  More often than not, the answer is, “I don’t know, I’m just being friendly.”  So now I have a toddler who has never met a stranger.  Whether we are at church, the grocery store, or a restaurant she will say hello to everyone and anyone.   This is usually followed by an onslaught of questions.  “What’s your name?”  “Who is your mom?”  “What is her name?”  There are usually compliments mixed in too.  “I love your pretty green shirt.”  “I like your purse, who bought that for you?”

I love living in a place where waving to and having small talk with strangers is entirely acceptable, because we really aren’t strangers, we’re neighbors in this great place called Wayco.  So, in future posts when we visit local farms, restaurants, stores, and festivals I plan to convey the importance of people and their stories.

orrville library

That brings me to the second meaning of Wayco, and the root of why I am writing this blog.  Wayco is a way of life; and an experience that I hope to share with you and encourage you to enjoy the small towns in your area.   Whether you live in a small town or wish you did, this blog will have something for all of you.  Along the way, I’ll certainly be sharing stories about my growing family including my wife Lenny, three-year-old Nina (Sweet Pea), and three-month-old Dean; our faith; and most definitely our experiences in Wayco and beyond.

I would love to hear from anyone who does find their way to this blog.  I would love suggestions on improving the blog, places to visit, small towns we should see on vacation, or your own small town stories.

Thanks for reading!

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